Bloom Leadership Development Program

Bloom’s national leadership staff work directly with women who have experienced significant trauma, teaching them the vocational skills they need to rebuild their lives. But that isn’t all they do!

They also act as mentors and counsellors, supporting and teaching the young women in the Bloom program a range of trauma therapy skills and resilience to enable them to recover from years of traumatic abuse and shame. Additionally, they work with the women to develop the life skills they need to discover purpose and build a new future. This is a comprehensive skillset for our leaders to build and a large responsibility to shoulder, but we believe that developing and building capacity in the national staff is one of the most effective long term strategies for aid within developing countries.

In that spirit, we are inviting like-minded individuals, small groups, churches and companies to consider supporting a leader or leaders in part or full, through the Bloom Leadership Development Program. It’s a way for others to play a part in the professional development of our leaders and impact the girls under their care for years and years to come.

...developing and building capacity in the national staff is one of the most effective long term strategies for aid within developing countries.

The Bloom Leadership Development Program is a three year curriculum developed with a leading management training organisation from the USA. They have selected Bloom Asia as the first Cambodian recipient of their training to support our mission. We want to partner our national leaders with a supporter or support group, who commits to partnering with a national leader for a period between one and three years, pledging to raise the full $3000 AUD per year needed for that leader’s development, or half of that full amount; $1500 AUD per year. Where national leaders are in a comparable vocation to their partner or partnership group, we hope to foster an encouraging and empowering networking of kindred spirits through the interaction between supporters and Bloom leaders.

What is it?

The Bloom Leadership Development Program is an initiative to build capacity into our national leaders who work every day with Bloom Asia beneficiaries.

What are we looking for?

We're hoping to connect with individuals or groups of professionals who understand the nuances of the work we are doing to build up and support our Bloom counsellors directly involved with therapeutic intervention at Bloom.

What will it cost?

$200 USD/ $250 AUD p/m, with the option of partnering for 1, 2 or 3 years.

What is the impact?

Recipients of the program will receive:

  • Ongoing leadership development with international leadership development providers
  • Specialist skills training in relevant job related areas
  • Ongoing self-care package

And in return?

Donors of the program receive:

  1. Quarterly leadership program updates from Bloom’s CEO
  2. Specific news about your local leader
  3. Regular Bloom E-news

Where do I sign up?

For more information on this program, please email us at or complete the form below:

Bloom Leadership Development Program Query Form

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