Bloom Early Learning Centre

Building Brighter Futures

Bloom Early Learning Centre

Building Brighter Futures

In 2023, we dream of launching a Bloom Early Learning Centre.

With your support…

Girls like Sophea will be free to continue their healing journeys at Bloom. Learning, working and growing each day.

And their children will be safe, nourished and protected. Never facing the vulnerabilities and risks their mums endured – ultimately breaking the cycle of exploitation.

“To be able to keep training and working at Bloom AND for me to know my daughter is being looked after in a safe and caring place – that feels like a dream.”

– Sophea (Bloom Asia Student and Mum)

“Working with survivors over the last 15 years, I have seen how lack of safe childcare puts girls in desperate situations. Devastatingly, if they leave their new jobs it can lead to survivors being re-exploited. Alternatively, if the mum continues working and the child is left in unsafe situations, they are at high risk of being abused and even sold. Finding safe childcare has been one of the biggest ongoing challenges for our girls.

I’m so excited for the girls to be able to learn and work at Bloom knowing that their children are safe and cared for. This is what generational transformation looks like!

– Ruth Larwill (Bloom Asia Founder)

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