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With your purchase, you are giving her the chance to build a new life through safe employment.

Every product you purchase has been handmade by a survivor. Bloom Christmas Cards have provided more than 5000 hours of safe employment to survivors – protecting girls from being re-exploited. As part of her employment, every girl also receives trauma-counselling, healthcare and education. Thank you for making a purchase that gives healing, hope and purpose!

Let Heaven & Nature Sing – 4 pack handmade cards


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Handmade Gift Tags – 5 pack


Freedom Collection – 5 Pack handmade cards


Christmas Cards – 9 pack


Greeting Card Collection – 10 pack


Christmas Card 1


Christmas Card 2


Christmas Card 4


Christmas Card 3


Christmas Card 5


Christmas Card 6


Christmas Card 3


Christmas Card 7


Christmas Card 8


Christmas Card 9


Gift Catalogue

Each gift in this catalogue gives the gift of healing and hope to survivors of exploitation.

Once you have chosen your gift, we will email you an e-card that can either be forwarded or printed for the recipient. 

E-Gift Card – Fund a Trauma Counselling Session


E-Gift Card – Provide Her With a Month of Vocational Training


E-Gift Card – Empower Her Freedom Journey


Sell Cards at your Church / School / Work

You have the power to give healing, hope and purpose this Christmas! Every card you sell makes a difference for a precious young woman.

Getting started is easy.

Simply let us know how many cards you’d like to try and sell. Don’t stress – you don’t need to buy the cards upfront.
We’ll post you the cards and once you’ve finished, all you need to do is send back any left-over cards and the money you raised.
From here, 100% of the profits you raised go toward empowering survivors.

To get started, flick us an email at support@bloomasia.org or phone us on (+61) 0411 278 019.

Tyla’s Story

Tyla had endured abuse and exploitation beyond what you could imagine. When we met her 2-years ago, she was desperate for a new life. She’d been rescued from the day-to-day abuse, but the impacts of her past remained.

She couldn’t find a job because she’d never been to school and had no qualifications or experience.

She just wanted to give up. Her life felt dark. The memories from her past were relentless. She’d run out of hope that she would ever experience joy or happiness again.

The Bloom Christmas Cards provided the perfect way for Tyla to be able to earn an income in a safe, low-stress environment. As part of her employment, she was also connected with a counsellor who provided her with encouragement and a safe space to start working through her trauma.

Tyla embraced every opportunity with both hands – determined that her story would be one of overcoming!

The Tyla we know today is very different to the girl we met 2-years ago. Today she is vibrant and full of fun and jokes. She makes the other girls laugh while they make cards together. She is learning to read and write. She has hopes and dreams for her future.

Thank you for supporting girls like Tyla with your purchase!


° All prices are in Australian dollars.
° 100% of profits go toward empowering survivors
° If you are based overseas or would like to make a bulk order, please contact us on (+61) 0411 278 019 or via support@bloomasia.org

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