Give Her a Pathway to Freedom This Christmas!

Right now, there are more girls like Sreya who desperately need your help. They are at the lowest point of their life - bearing the weight and shame of years of abuse and violence.

Please give generously this Christmas to give survivors like Sreya healing, hope and purpose.


Make a Donation

Here’s What Your Gift Could Make Possible:

$115 - buy everything a girl needs to start her new job, including a uniform and course supplies.

$290 - empower her freedom journey! Provide a month of extensive holistic support, including medical care, counselling and literacy classes.

$530 - help her heal from the past with a year of counselling sessions.

$1,260 - fund vocational training for 2 newly rescued girls. This gives them the skills and qualifications they need to build a new life.

$3,480 - give her a pathway to freedom! Completely support a survivor for a year (counselling, literacy, training and employment).

Donate by Bank Transfer

If you would like to give via internet banking, please email us at or call us on (+61) 0411 278 019 with your:

Phone Number:
Mailing Address:

So we can ensure you will receive a tax donation receipt and can supply you with the correct information required for internet banking.


"Knowing that my donations are assisting Bloom to free even more girls from abuse, trauma and disempowerment gives me peace. My life somehow feels more valuable knowing I am supporting something greater than just my own needs.

Having experienced abuse and trauma myself, I have tasted unworthiness and brokenness. I have also been privileged to live in a country with many opportunities to restore myself and build my capacity. I feel privileged to help Bloom girls to receive the restorative holistic support that they truly deserve, so they can bloom."– Wendy Stuart (Bloom Supporter)