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The difference you're making!

$30 you can provide her a month of literacy classes

$48 you can provide her with 2 months of counselling

$115 you can buy everything a girl needs to start her apprenticeship, including a uniform and course supplies.

$290 you can start a girl on her journey to freedom (including medical care, counselling, education, qualifications and living-wage employment).

$530 you can empower a survivor with a whole year of counselling and literacy classes.

$1,260 you can fund vocational training for 2 newly rescued girls. This gives them the skills and qualifications they need to build a new life.

$3,480 you can completely support a survivor for a year.


Have you read Srey Lah's Letter?

"There is absolutely nothing worse than seeing your daughter trapped in despair.

And there is nothing better than watching her come back to life - radiant and full of hope. 

My daughter found freedom because of people like you.

I hope that you’ll give me a few minutes of your time. I’m not a fundraiser - I am a parent. And when I tell you my story, you’ll see that you can make a miracle happen. 

My daughter, Esther, has always been so precious to us. We did all we could to give her a good life. But our family was very poor and we never had enough food to go around. We owed money for medical bills and the loan shark told us that if we didn’t pay soon, we would go to prison...


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