Our Purpose

Bloom Asia equips and empowers young women who have faced exploitation – supporting them to create a better future.

Our Purpose

Vocational Training

The famous proverb ‘Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime’ describes the ability of training in helping a person take control of their own destiny. At Bloom Asia, this is our aim. Rather than simply giving a handout, we teach them to rise above their circumstances and become powerful and independent agents through vocational training and education.

Our vocational education and training (VET) courses teach important new skills that not only instill a sense of accomplishment but also open a wide range of future employment opportunities. Our hospitality course is globally recognised and is taught in all our locations alongside literacy classes and computing skills.

Social Enterprise

Without safe and sustainable employment, research has found that 80% of girls will be re-exploited. Supportive, living-wage employment is crucial for protecting survivors from further exploitation.

Through our social enterprise cafes, every graduate from the vocational training program is offered a full-time position where they can continue their learning while earning a generous and sustainable income.

All profits from our social enterprise arm are directed back into the training centre, helping to provide more opportunities for new students to gain training and employment.

Our employment centres include:

  • Cake baking and decorating.Our range of baked creations, from cupcakes to multi-tiered mega structures, are renowned for their artistry and are highly sought after for weddings and celebrations.
  • Cafes. Our cafes specialise in cupcakes, cookies and other baked goods, along with rich fair-trade coffee and friendly professional service.
  • Paper crafts. Our paper crafts course teaches the art of handmade paper goods and produces a superb range of cards.

Holistic Support

For survivors of severe abuse, there are no quick fixes. The restoration journey for each survivor will be complex and unique, and will likely take a number of years. At Bloom Asia, we journey with each survivor for as long as it takes for her to find wholeness. We are committed to seeing each survivor not just heal from her past, but also empowered to build a new life.

Your support provides the following services for survivors:

  • Healthcare (medical and dental services
  • Education(literacy, budgeting, parenting, health etc.)
  • Personal development (leadership training, mentorship program, self defence classes)
  • ACT therapy and counselling

“At Agape we work with dozens of vocational training programs and none compare to Bloom Asia. Girls completing the program are prepared professionally, socially, emotionally and spiritually to successfully enter full-time employment.”

— Don Brewster, CEO of Agape International Ministries

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