Webinar: Inside the Mind of a Survivor

Together, we explore the neuroscience behind the biological changes that happen when we experience trauma.

With this knowledge, we discuss practical ways to assist survivors in their healing journey. The session includes ground-breaking research and practical demonstrations of trauma-informed care. 

You will come away with a greater appreciation of the incredible strength of trafficking survivors, as well as practical exercises to improve your own mental well-being.

Hosted by Ruth Larwill (Bloom Asia Founder & Director of Trauma Aftercare)

Webinar: Cycles of Exploitation – what are they and how can we break them?

Unfortunately, the freedom of a trafficking survivor is not guaranteed after they have been rescued. In this webinar, Bloom Asia CEO, Dave Saxby unpacks:

– what contributes to the cyclical nature of exploitation
– what is needed to break the cycle
– the role of long-term, holistic support

“We cannot change the past, but we can change what is to come.”

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